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Document Retention

Type Of Record Period
Accident report & claims 7 Years
Account receivable ledger 7 Years
Bank reconciliations 1 Years
Canceled checks-important Permanent
Capital stock and bond records Permanent
Charts of accounts Permanent
Correspondence-general 3 Years
Deeds, mortgages and bills
of sale
Duplicate deposit slips 3 Years
Employee benefit plan 3 Years
Expense analysis  
distribution schedules
7 Years
Financial statements-other 7 Years
Inherited property records & valuations Permanent
Insurance records Permanent
Internal reports 3 Years
Invoices to customers 7 Years
Journals Permanent
Minute books of directory Stockholders Permanent
Option records 7 Years
Petty cash vouchers 3 Years
Property appraisals Permanent
Purchase orders 7 Years
Requisitions 1 Years
Savings bond
3 Years
Type Of Record Period
Account payable ledgers 7 Years
Audit reports Permanent
Bank statements 7 Years
Canceled checks-other 7 Years
Cash books Permanent
Contracts & leases-expired 7 Years
Correspondence 1 Years
Correspondence Customers & Vendors 1 Years
Contracts & leases-expired Permanent
Depreciation schedules Permanent
Employee personal 3 Years
record after termination
Employment applications
3 Years
Year end Permanent
General ledgers & trial
balances-year end
Insurance audit reports Permanent
Inventory records 7 Years
Invoices from vendors 7 Years
Low-income housing records  
Notes receivable ledgers 7 Years
Payroll records 7 Years
Physical inventory tags 3 Years
Property records Permanent
Receiving sheets 3 Years
Sales records 7 Years
Scrap & salvage records 7 Years